1.      How long does the tanning process take?

Most skins such as Possums , Deer, goats, calf, chamois, Tahr, take 4-5 weeks. Cow hides take around 8 weeks.

2.      When is payment due for tanning the skins?

Payment is required prior to us sending the completed skin back to you. Usually by internet banking.

3.      When can I drop off a skin to 118 Crinan st, Invercargill?

You can drop a skin off Monday-Friday 8am – 4.3pm . Just put the skin in one of our freezers  Also fill out the contact details form provided and put it with your skins.

4.      How much does it cost to tan a skin?

See our “Tanning Prices” page for a full pricelist

5.      Do I need to remove all the meat and fat off the skin before sending to you?

This is not necessary. We will get it all off with our machines.

6.      Will the skins come out soft and last a long time?

The short answer is “Yes”. Of course softness depends on the type of animal. A possum will come out much softer than a Tahr skin. All our skins are processed to a high standard ensuring they are very durable will last a long time.

7.      Do you sell tanning kits for cow hides?

I do not sell tanning kits for Cow hides for the following reasons;

(A)Cow hides are very thick , particularly in the neck and butt. This means that to get the chemicals to penetrate properly and  tan the hide is very difficult.  You need to have machinery to shave the thickness of the hide down and also help remove all the flesh and fat off the hide , so you can get full penetration of the chemicals and therefore the final product is reasonably soft and very durable and long lasting.

(B) If you do try and tan a full thickness hide then most likely you will get the surface tanned , with the inside still raw and susceptible to degradation especially if it was to get damp or wet. Also the hide once dry will be very hard and not pliable.

(C) The amount of chemicals needed to tan a cow hide is quite substantial. My Deer Skin tanning kits would only have about 5% of the total amount of  needed to tan a cow hide. This means even if I did make up kits for sale the cost of the chemicals and then postage would make them very expensive.

Obviously I have the correct machinery set up in my factory to process cow hides. I do a quality job and basically it comes down to the old saying of “having the right tools for the job” makes all the difference. I will happily tan your cow hide for you if you wish. I hope this answers your questions and if I can be of any further help please don’t hesitate to contact me.

8.      Do you take the hair off and produce leather?

NO. All our tanning is leaving the hair on.

9.    How do I roll the skins up? Hair in or hair out?

It doesn’t matter at all.  Just roll them up compact and send them to us as is.

10. Do I have to book in a time to send you a skin?

We accept skins all year so you can send it anytime ,except for the 2 weeks holiday over Xmas.