Tanning Prices

June 2016

The following is a guide to our price range for the various types of skins we process.

Deer $150 /skin, Large Red deer stags $200
Tahr $230 /skin
Chamois $160 /skin
Wallaby $85/skin
Goat $140/skin
Bobby Calf $140/skin
Pig $250/skin
Alpaca $175/adult skin. Wool length no longer than 3cms.

Possum, more than 10 skins $12.80 /skin ,Flesh side un-buffed or $13.60/skin, Flesh side buffed smooth

Less than 10 skins $20 each. Please ensure the necks, legs, bellies and tails are opened up as there will be an extra charge of 80c /skin if not.
Rabbit $9.20 /skin if over 10 skins. 1-9 skins $15 each. Extra charge as above if not opened up.

Cattle (shorthair) $550 /skin*
Cattle (longhair) $650 /skin*
*Extra $100 for large hides measuring over 2 metres from head to tail.
*Extra $200 for Huge hides measuring over 2.4 metres form head to tail.
*Extra $300 for massive hides measuring over 2.6 metres form head to tail


Sheep $90 /skin
For best results it is preferred that sheepskins for tanning have wool no longer than 5cm ,and are from a coarse wool or crossbreed species of sheep. If the fleece is longer than this it can tend to knot up during processing. Also if there are debris such as seed heads, twigs etc in the wool they most likely will still be there at the end!!

The time taken to process you skin through the factory varies depending on workload ,but as a guideline it takes 4-5 weeks for everything apart from cow hides which take 8 weeks.

All prices include GST.

Prices for Alum Tanning for Taxidermy are available on enquiry.

Freight Options
Sending us a skin? check the freight options

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Hi Adam
I am very happy with the skins .Initially, I thought the cost was a bit high but on receiving the skins it was obvious you get what you pay for.
If anything, my skinning skills need some attention.
Will do more skins with you in the future and will recommend to others.
Cheers Alan, October 2016

Hi Adam
The hide is great. I didn't realize how big it was
till it arrived here !!! Still trying to find a place for it.
Great service and hide thanks.
Wallace ,October 2016

Hi Adam, the cow hide arrived and I am totally awestruck! What a joy to have. Thank you for your work.
Susan. October2016

I have been meaning to email you, they are fantastic! (cow hides)Absolutely love them, you did an amazing job thank you so much. I will recommend you to anyone and will use you again in the future.

Cheers Debbie
August 2015

Absolutely amazing.Really happy with great job.Will be using you guys again (Deer skins)
Cheers Bevan Smith
August 2015

Hi Adam, yes the cow hide has more than met my expectations, it turned out really well and I will definitely bring any hides I want done in the future to you

Cheers Taryn
August 2015

Hello Adam, The sheep skins you did for me ,met my expectations thank you, especially given the length of the wool, you did an amazing job. Family and friends have been overjoyed to the point of being speechless when I gifted them such beautiful luxuriously soft tanned fleeces. I am happy to be able to give organically home grown presents compliments of your excellent tanning. they are being used and enjoyed as chair covers for extra warmth and comfort as floor mats positioned in the room to show off their colour. Thank you .Mrs Denise Leota. August 2014

Adam. Sorry its take so long to send this note but earlier this year you did a cattle beast skin for me and this is to let you know that we are absolutely wrapped with it. Great job, looks fantastic and my wife is thrilled, thank you. Recommend you to anyone. Thanks again. Geoff B April 2014

Thanks so much for the marvellous job you made of our cow hide Adam, threw it on the floor in the lounge when we got home and it looks fantastic, will have to work on finding some others with great colour to add.
Jo and Steve
Nov 2013

Hi Adam.
Our Highland cow hides arrived safely today and they are awesome!!!
Thank you so much for a professional job.
I'm sure we will be sending people your way.
Thank you again
Michael and Jan, July 2013

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