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We offer a contract skin tanning service to Hunters, Farmers or anyone who would like any sort of Animal skin tanned. Our factory is located in Invercargill, Southland. We process skins for individuals from all over New Zealand. With many years of tanning experience we professionally cure many types of skins ranging from Rabbits and Possums to Sheep, Calf, Deer, Goat, Tahr, Chamois, Pig and Cattle. They can make a great addition to any trophy room or as a center piece for interior designed homes. They can be washed or dry cleaned if necessary to ensure they stay looking fresh and attractive over the years. Our aim is to ensure the final result lives up to the customers’ expectations and that it is something they will admire for years to come.


Our Factory

To find out more about what is required after the initial skinning of the animal please go to our skin preparation page where you will find out how to ensure the raw skin arrives to us in the best condition possible.

We also process skins ourselves and offer them as individual skins well as manufactured skin products for purchase. Please see our Skins for sale page.

Hi Adam, Thanks a lot. I bought fur and leather from all over the world for this film ( the Hobbit). The skins you sourced and tanned for us were consistently and by far the best. I will be in touch again. Thanks again Emily, Costume buyer, June 2012

Animal skins are very popular with interior design and add that extra wow factor in many homes and businesses throughout New Zealand. We see it as using the whole animal in a sustainable way and one that captures our sense of closeness with the environment we live in here in New Zealand.

Cowhide Rugs

Cow hides have many uses such as floor rugs, wall hangings, furniture throws and ottomans. Cow skins are most popular as a floor mat or rug. They look great on polished concrete, tiles or wooden floors. Have a look at our photo gallery to see examples of these.

Calf skin cushions

Calf hides make great cushions or small throws, mats or rugs for your floor or over a chair. Black and white calf cushions seem to be very popular. We endeavor to have different variations in brown/white or tan/white as well as black/white. Obviously these skins can only be sourced at calving time in August every year so keep an eye on what we have available.

Sheepskin Rugs

We offer natural white or colored sheep skin rugs and mats for sale. These skins are all individual in color and wool texture and look great beside your bed or on a chair.

Possum Skins

Possum pelts make great throws, bedspreads and cushions. We make these to order. If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury look no further than a possum bedspread. You are also helping in the reduction of New Zealand’s number one pest!!


Want To Send Us A Skin?

Follow these 3 easy steps

1.      Get the skin into a bag as soon as possible once it is off the animal. For more details see “Skin preparation”
2.     Once frozen, forward it to us. Double bag the skin to ensure it doesn’t leak on transit. Depending on the size of the skin either place it in a courier bag for 1-2 days delivery or place in a cardboard box packed with newspaper and send via a freight company. If you prefer to drop it off to us this can be done by taking it to the tannery directly at 118 Crinan st, Invercargill Mon-Fri 8.0am - 4.30pm. If you cannot get there between these hours you can by appt drop them off at 177 Lorn st, Invercargill. For more details see “Freight Options”  
3.      Include all your contact details inside the package so we know who the skin belongs to and to ensure we can contact you when the skin is completed. For more details see “Tanning Prices”  
Freight Options

Sending us a skin? check the freight options


Hi Adam, You've done a great job and even converted a dairy farmer to loving cow hides. Thank you so much and we will recommend you to everyone we know.
Stacey Anderson December 2017

Hi Adam
The cow hide looks fantastic. We are really pleased with how it turned out.Thank you. Fraser said it was a charlois angus cross. It is on the darker end of the colour scale as they can be much lighter. I was worried about it being too brown but I think it is perfect.
Regards Sharon

Our cow hide arrived on Thursday and looks great!Thanks very much. We will definitely come back to you next time we have another fellow or tahr hide needing done in the family! Kind regards
Ashleigh  March 2017

Thank you so much for your professional tanning of our cowhide, it really means something to have one of the "girls" with us at our beach house in Coromandel. She just reminds us of how hard we've worked to get here and where we've come from.We are thrilled with the quality of your work.  Many thanks once again,Kind regards,
L. Williams February 2017

Hi Adam
I am very happy with the skins .Initially, I thought the cost was a bit high but on receiving the skins it was obvious you get what you pay for.
If anything, my skinning skills need some attention.
Will do more skins with you in the future and will recommend to others.
Cheers Alan, October 2016

Hi Adam
The hide is great. I didn't realize how big it was
till it arrived here !!! Still trying to find a place for it.
Great service and hide thanks.
Wallace ,October 2016

Hi Adam, the cow hide arrived and I am totally awestruck! What a joy to have. Thank you for your work.
Susan. October2016

I have been meaning to email you, they are fantastic! (cow hides)Absolutely love them, you did an amazing job thank you so much. I will recommend you to anyone and will use you again in the future.

Cheers Debbie
August 2015

Absolutely amazing.Really happy with great job.Will be using you guys again (Deer skins)
Cheers Bevan Smith
August 2015

Hi Adam, yes the cow hide has more than met my expectations, it turned out really well and I will definitely bring any hides I want done in the future to you

Cheers Taryn
August 2015

Hello Adam, The sheep skins you did for me ,met my expectations thank you, especially given the length of the wool, you did an amazing job. Family and friends have been overjoyed to the point of being speechless when I gifted them such beautiful luxuriously soft tanned fleeces. I am happy to be able to give organically home grown presents compliments of your excellent tanning. they are being used and enjoyed as chair covers for extra warmth and comfort as floor mats positioned in the room to show off their colour. Thank you .Mrs Denise Leota. August 2014

Adam. Sorry its take so long to send this note but earlier this year you did a cattle beast skin for me and this is to let you know that we are absolutely wrapped with it. Great job, looks fantastic and my wife is thrilled, thank you. Recommend you to anyone. Thanks again. Geoff B April 2014

Thanks so much for the marvellous job you made of our cow hide Adam, threw it on the floor in the lounge when we got home and it looks fantastic, will have to work on finding some others with great colour to add.
Jo and Steve
Nov 2013

Hi Adam.
Our Highland cow hides arrived safely today and they are awesome!!!
Thank you so much for a professional job.
I'm sure we will be sending people your way.
Thank you again
Michael and Jan, July 2013

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