Freight Options

Here are a few options for sending skins to Animal Skin Tanning Services in Invercargill.
Some Important points to note
Please ensure that you include all your contact details inside the package. This includes your e-mail, phone numbers, and address. This way I will know who the hide belongs to when it arrives in Invercargill
Hides and skins can either be sent Frozen or Salted.
* Frozen Cow Hides should be double bagged and put in a cardboard box stuffed with newspaper. By doing this even if it takes 3-4days to get freighted to Invercargill the hide will still be ok. What is most important is it is packed well so there is no leakage. For smaller skins it is best to send by Courier as they will get to Invercargill overnight in most cases. Again though ensure they are packed well so there is no chance of leakage due to thawing out in transit.

* Salted Cow Hides and skins should be packed the same as above. As they are semi -preserved there is no rush to get them here. So look for the cheapest freight option.

* Freight costs are worked out on a combination of weight and volume so the lighter and smaller you can make the package the cheaper it will be.

* We also have a drop off depot in Christchurch for Cow Hides only. Hides are able to be sent to Adam Cowie, C/O – Wallace Group, 29 Wickham Street, Bromley between the hours of 8am-4pm, Mon-Fri (ph 03 384 3260). Please ensure if being trucked to there by a freight company that they do get the skins delivered during these hours. Once our frezzer is full then we will pay the freight to have them sent down to Invercargill. If you are not in a hurry to get your skin processed or if you are sending from the North Island then this may be an option for you.

Freight companies:
Mainfreight ( Nationwide), (Check this out for an online quote)
Toll Translink (Nationwide), or 0800872695
PBT(Nationwide), (Contact Animal skin tanning services ltd for our account no. with PBT and we will pay the freight on your cow hides and then charge back the freight cost at the end. Cost from the North Island to Invercargill varies depending on weight and volume ,but usually somewhere between $40-$60)
NZ Couriers,
NZ Post,, (check this out for an online quote)