Tanning Prices

January 2020

The following is a guide to our price range for the various types of skins we process.

Deer $160/skin. Large Red deer stags $200.
Tahr $250/skin.
Chamois $160/skin.
Wallaby $85/skin.
Goat $150/skin.
Bobby Calf $150/skin.
Pig $250/skin.
Alpaca $200/adult skin. Wool length no longer than 3cms.


Possum, more than 10 skins $13.20/skin. Flesh side un-buffed or $14.00/skin. Flesh side buffed smooth.

Less than 10 skins $20 each. Please ensure the necks, legs, bellies and tails are opened up as there will be an extra charge of 80c /skin if not.


Rabbit $9.20 /skin if over 10 skins. 1-9 skins $15 each. Extra charge as above if not opened up.


Cattle (shorthair) $550 /skin*
Cattle (longhair) $650 /skin*
*Extra $100 for large hides measuring over 2 metres from head to tail.
*Extra $200 for Huge hides measuring over 2.4 metres form head to tail.
*Extra $300 for massive hides measuring over 2.6 metres form head to tail


Sheep $100 /skin
For best results it is preferred that sheepskins for tanning have wool no longer than 5cm ,and are from a coarse wool or crossbreed species of sheep. If the fleece is longer than this it can tend to knot up during processing. Also if there are debris such as seed heads, twigs etc in the wool they most likely will still be there at the end!!

The time taken to process you skin through the factory varies depending on workload, but as a guideline it takes 4-5 weeks for everything apart from cow hides which take 8 weeks.

All prices include GST.

Prices for Alum Tanning for Taxidermy are available on enquiry.