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June 2020

We are currently not buying any skins until we have sold down our existing stock. That said, if you had dark brown possum skins I would still be interested in buying those.

I am looking for Possums. Frozen or air dried skins to buy and process through myself for orders I have on my books.

Furskins will be at their best just before spring arrives. If you have just being plucking the fur please look at skinning your good possum skins and supplying our tannery. We are in the market for Possum skins as mentioned above. Check our prices the best money. It may pay for you to skin it not pluck it!!

September 2019

Price list for skin buying of green or dry possum skins

XLge – Over 60cm from base of tail to ears
1st Grade: $22
2nd Grade: $18

Lge – Over 55cm from base of tail to ears
1st Grade: $18
2nd Grade: $15

Med – Over 50cm from base of tail to ears
1st Grade: $12
2nd Grade: $9

Not buying 3rds or Red neck greys and red browns unless they have good fur density. All skins to be fully opened up, head, belly and tails.

Dan Dawson
118 Crinan St Invercargill
9812 New Zealand

027 281 3026

Drop off of skins is at 118 Crinan St, Invercargill, Monday-Friday 9am-3pm

Sending us a skin?

Follow these 3 easy steps

Get the skin into a bag as soon as possible once it is off the animal. For details see Skin Preparation

Once frozen, forward it to us. Double bag the skin to ensure it doesn’t leak on transit. Depending on the size of the skin either place it in a courier bag for 1-2 days delivery or place in a plastic box that can be sealed and send via a freight company. Please courier at the beginning of the week as we can't accept courier and freight on weekends. It can also be dropped directly to the tannery. For details see Freight Options

Include all your contact details inside the package so we know who the skin belongs to and to ensure we can contact you when the skin is completed. For details see Tanning Prices

We now have a freezer located in Canterbury which we can arrange fortnightly freight to Invercargill.